Time to consider virtual reality for your soft skills training
5 February 2020


Helping the most vulnerable clients 

The fact that Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the world and dessimating our most vulnerable, the elderly, is sad, scary and very alarming. Another community that is suffering, wondering about the future, and looking uncertainty straight in the eye is the small business community and the young people who might be seeing their dreams evaporate in front of their won eyes because of the volatility and uncertainty we are experiencing. 
4DLH does its part by helping their most vulnerable clients to continue using their consulting services for free. 

Getting business advice through web services

This decision was first made to help struggling businesses, but has been made available to all, and that includes all the young student entrepreneurs that 4DLH coaches and mentors free of charge, going back to 2013.
Through its platform and web services, such as messenger, whatsapp, skype and Instagram, folks, already clients or followers of 4DLH can either speak directly, or send their requests to one of 6 consultants, each in his domain of expertise, and get business advice.

Preparing for ambiguious times with M. Saibi 

Lotfi Saibi, Director and founder, made the decision last week after speaking to some of his loyal clients, who now need his services more than never, but are short on liquidity. 
No one understands this better than M. Saibi, who as a business owner suffered great losses in the global meltdowns of 1996 and 2007. 
Business owners, especiallySMEs, who have had a tough business climate to grow their businesses are now faced with an unexpected and volatile new element. 
Ironically, M. Saibi mostrecentconference in Morocco and Germany focused on what to do and how to preparefor changes and doing business during Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguious times.
In a recent post on his personal account, he called upon consulting businesses and training centers not to be looking at this crisis through a short term lens, especially with the most needy of clients. These SME clients, the backbone of any economy (up to 92% in Tunisia) suffer doubly: liquidity and capacity to maintain full time employment. “Helping them with advice and providing directions is the least we can do…” he wrote. 

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