Post covid leadership – 10 tips for a new mindset

It is no secret that I am a big fan of military history, war strategists like Hannibal, Philippe de Macédoine, Alexandre le Grand and Jules César. Winning depends on understanding your enemy, their strengths and weaknesses, their preparation, their anticipation, their flexibility and their adaptation.

Military generals are trained to operate in uncertainty and complexity with great pressure, and to make a multitude of quick decisions with fatal consequences – some tactics, to win a battle, and others strategic, to win a war.

The current pandemic, with its unprecedented scale, complexity and severity, is no different. Like a traditional war, it requires a unique playbook and new operating models.

The following is a list of lessons learned from past military histories, applied to business.

You are a business owner or manager and you are preparing for the future post-coronavirus, you need to find a balance between what has worked before and what must happen to succeed in the next phase of the new normal.

1. Stop believing the good old days are back

2. Focus on driving change and adapting to the new environment

3. Create a culture of team performance and not focus on individual excellence.

4. Consider reorganizing your workforce to meet new demands. See the remote workforce as a partial solution

5. Accelerate best practices in delegation, collaboration, flexibility and accountability

6. Speed ​​up decision making and improve execution

7. Diversify your supply chain (from a single source to sources just in case)

8. Make resilience and innovation your next big project

9. Reallocate additional budgets for training in technologies and soft skills

10. Accelerate digital transformation, develop it and adopt it beyond the crisis, within the framework of the new normal

I’m LOTFI SAIBI, and I wish you Aid Mabrouk

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