The process of transforming plans into action, translating a draft policy into a real operational program. Change management refers to how to deal with the voluntary or unintended consequences of a reform program. According to this logic, it can be argued that change management is part of the process of designing and implementing a measure of public authorities


Our starting point is that modernization practices improve the performance of the public sector.
How to cope with change could be the source of an organization’s success or failure
How you design and manage change affects your chances of success
Good design and good behavior translate over time into improved organizational performance

Organizational learning

The training and development of members of the organization, which reflect the sensitivity to changing environmental circumstances;
creating a shared vision that provides the foundation for the shared interest and commitment that is so essential to creating the energy and focus needed for learning;
Harmonization of efforts within the team;
The ability to integrate other modes of learning;

3 critical factors:

• Knowledge: the level of learning instruments;
• Power: the level of learning capacities;
• Want: the level of willingness to learn.