Leadership and management

‘’Leadership and Management’’ training provided by 4D- Leadership House, allows to train managers how to handle any problem they may encounter. Several techniques and concepts are addressed to properly supervise and lead the group. The business management is inevitable today since the economic decline facing businesses right now. This training improves and affirms the leadership style of team members and gives them the right tools to practice leadership in order to motivate and push them to perform well.

The objectives of the training

Leadership and Management training allows you to achieve several objectives:

  • Identify your leadership style;
  • Learn how to identify individual and collective motivation levers;
  • Consolidate your vision around a common orientation;
  • Learn how to recognize;
  • Develop your listening skills

Who is concerned?

This training of Leadership and Management is designed for managers who wish to develop their charisma and their ability to guide their teams.


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Chaîne YouTube 4dlh