Developing young leaders who will be ready to face the future is a necessity for any country that aims for progress and stability. If we are determined to implement a reform in education, increase civic engagement and restore political activism, we must address the insufficiency of leadership potential that our society suffers.
It is from this observation that, 4DLH and its partners have launched the Leadership Education and Development “LEAD” in summer of 2015. The rigorous program is based on the philosophy of “learning by doing”.


Develop Leadership potential.

Enrich personalities.

Youth awareness and sense of responsibility.

Contribute to building a better community.

"L.E.A.D Academy" Activities 2015 session:

  • Initiation and coaching sessions
  • Workshops
  • Small groups discussions
  • Oral and Visual presentations
  • Role-play game / Simulation games
  • Forums and debates
  • Field visits
  • Feedback and evaluation sessions


"A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible"

Lotfi Saibi, Foundor

Chaîne YouTube 4dlh

Chaîne YouTube 4dlh