A New World full on New Challenges : Globalization, Innovation, Millennials, Digital Transformation, requires New Leadership

Better team relations
in your business – your employees.
Creating sustainable results
in growth and performance.
Unleash Talent to
develop a winning team
Identify and develop individual
strengths and leadership styles.


To survive the new world, top down, rigid and very structured organizations have to transform by developing new strategies and a new generation of leaders by focusing on influence over power, network over hierarchy, and intelligence over force.

We aim to help leaders discover how to unleash the contributions of their teams toward their organization’s critical priorities, and create a work environment where individuals want to devote their best efforts. Using a collaborative diagnostic process, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading organizations solve complex issues, achieve measurable results, and develop leadership capacity to improve productivity and performance.



Transform Businesses to remain competitive. 4DLH believes it is possible to create well-run organizations in which employees understand the complexities of organizational life and are productive contributors within those constraints. 4DLH provides support, expertise, and analytical skills. Our work is done in the context of relationships, which involves working with your organization to ensure continued monitoring, discussion, and implementation of new ideas.

We work with you to determine the direction, the means and resources, what data is necessary, where to get it and how o use, how to anticipate the future, and finish first.

Everything we do and achieve is with and through people. We all achieve more and live more effectively when our relationships are healthy.


L.E.A.D Academy

Through this training, we want to develop young leaders ready to face the future of Tunisia.

Chaîne YouTube 4dlh

Chaîne YouTube 4dlh